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Version: v2 (current)

Command Line

You can install Game CI locally and start cloud runner jobs from the command line or by integrating your own tools. All parameters in Configuration can be specified as command line input fields.


Currently (development)

git clone
yarn install
yarn run cli -m {mode parameter} --projectPath {Your project path} {... other command line parameters}

Planned (does not work currently)

We plan to offer support for Game CI via Deno. This will enable fast, typescript native runtime and you will be able to access this via the following:

dpx game-ci build


You can run yarn run cli -h or yarn run cli --help to List all modes and paramters with descriptions

Main Command Parameters

Avoiding long parameters for commands

You can avoid specifying lots of command line input for credentials (e.g all unity authentication and cloud provider settings) by using environment variables or the input override feature to shorten commands signficantly.

This enables you to provide a command to pull input, e.g you can pull from a file or from a secret manager.

yarn run cli --populateOverride true --readInputFromOverrideList UNITY_EMAIL,UNITY_SERIAL,UNITY_PASSWORD --readInputOverrideCommand="gcloud secrets versions access 1 --secret=\"{0}\""

Garbage Collection

AWS Provider Only