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The fastest and easiest way to automatically test and build your game projects

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The perks

  • Free for everyone, forever

    We believe that for most individuals and game companies, CI is not the core-business. And that it is in everybody's interest to combine their knowledge and create a solution that is accessible for everyone.

  • Beginner-friendly

    We have a strong focus on being beginner-friendly. GameCI is offering friendly functional APIs, that does not require much technical knowledge to configure. Making customisations is easily done by forking our projects, giving much flexibility.

  • Proactive community

    GameCI is built by industry professionals across the globe. Please feel free to join us on Discord and have a chat!

  • Proven technologies

    Our build stack is built on top of docker and official game engine standards. We follow industry best practices where applicable and build with very large scale in mind.

    This combination makes that we offer a solid basis for enterprise-grade capability.

  • Clear documentation

    Our documentation can be edited directly on GitHub, making it easy to fix mistakes or update to the latest standards. Because of the community, docs always have a certain level of completeness. Can't find what you're looking for? Just ask.

  • Production ready

    Companies both large and small use GameCI to test and build their production application as part of their daily workflows.

    Use the CI system and cloud provider you love. No need to switch technologies. On-prem? Self-hosted runners? Not a problem either.


Developers that chose us

  • Madrona Games
  • Totema Studios

And more than 3,500 other developers

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