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Version: v3

Custom build options

First, you need to understand how build options are passed to the build.

Build command

See Assets/Scripts/Editor/BuildCommand.cs.

This is the script used during Unity command line execution. It is passed to the -executeMethod <ClassName.MethodName> command line parameter like this:

unity-editor \
# ...
-executeMethod BuildCommand.PerformBuild \
# ...

You need to have this file in your project in order to build your project in the CI.

Workflow file

See .gitlab-ci.yml.

You can add BuildOptions per target by adding environment variable BuildOptions.

<<: *build
BuildOptions: AcceptExternalModificationsToPlayer

If you would like to use several BuildOptions, you have to separate all values by ,:

BuildOptions: AcceptExternalModificationsToPlayer,CompressTextures,ConnectToHost

See Unity3d BuildOptions reference for allowed values.